David Tao continues his retrospective on certification lessons learned

by CCHIT Staff on April 28, 2011

More from David Tao on his experiences with CCHIT and the certification process.

One thing I learned is that no group can please all the people all the time. Sometimes, people wondered why we proposed some criteria and not others, or proposed the timeframes that we did. So we tried to explain these “whys” in a white paper Interoperability, Supplying the Building Blocks for a Patient-centered EHR in mid-2009 which still exists on the website of writer John Morrissey. It described the context for what we were doing and the “methodical march” to increasing levels of information interoperability that we proposed. I don’t think this was well understood by the public, who might have thought some of what we did was arbitrary. But here’s what was in our mind (well, I can only speak for myself – mine at least).

Read David’s insights. Or start with Part 1 of this series.

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1 joe mcdonald 05.03.11 at 4:42 am

Hi David
Thank you for your fascinating insights. Your experiences echo many of my own as National Clinical Lead for IT (Mental Health) in the English NHS. Can you tell me if there are any certified Mental Health -specific systems enjoying success on your side of the pond?
Best wishes

2 Sue Reber 05.11.11 at 3:11 pm

Joe –
CCHIT has a specific Behavioral Health certification program for both add-on modules to ambulatory EHRs and for standalone products. You can see currently certified products here: http://www.cchit.org/products/cchit/1000/1000. You can learn more about the programs here: http://www.cchit.org/get_certified/cchit-certified-2011

Sue Reber, Marketing Director, CCHIT

3 David Tao 05.13.11 at 7:59 am

Joe, thanks for your comments. I second what Sue said. She referred to the CCHIT certifications. There may also be some mental-health related certified products available on the ONC Certified Health Products List (CPHL) http://onc-chpl.force.com/ehrcert (the number of certified ambulatory products is 465 and counting) but you’d have to dig through the details since they don’t categorize EHRs by specialty there.

4 David Tao 05.13.11 at 9:00 am

Among the certified products for mental health, there is at least this one on the ONC CPHL: ICANotes, LLC – ICANotes EHR/EMR for Behavioral Health 11.2. There may be more but that’s the only one with “behavior” in the product name.

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